MGB ROADSTER 1966 Wire wheels Overdrive

This is a rather nice and most attractive example of the iconic and much loved MGB Roadster. Being the more desirable early 1966 model, it came equipped with an alloy bonnet, pram style fold down hood, and the far superior 5 bearing crank engine. Notable upgrade carried out on this car was the installation of the later all synchro gear box with overdrive.

History folder informs us that the car was subject to a comprehensive body restoration some years ago / covered areas such as new panels & steel work plus many new parts. Sadly after all the work the car was not put into use and remained parked up in the garage for the next five years. More recently acquired by a retired motor engineer, who has spent the last two years putting the final touches and applied re-commission work to create what Is a fine looking and driving example.

Brief outline of latest work done is engine removed and new starter ring gear fitted, Cylinder head removed - valves ground with new springs / bores reported to be good. New sump and engine gaskets. Plugs, points, 20/50 oil and filter. Petrol tank and radiator, rear wheel cylinders and hanbrake cables, carburettor valves. New hood, seats/ carpets, new screen rubbers plus all those little things that often get forgotten

I have had the pleasure of driving the car on two occasions now and have to say it performes very well indeed. The gear box is a total delight - and the overdrive slips in and out smoothly providing comfortable progress as you go. Telescopic rear shock absorbers conversion enhance the handling, and I for one much prefer the original steering wheel that Mr BMC fitted. This is not a concours car and probably all the better for it, but a very good sound example that can be used and enjoyed with all the major jobs having now been completed. DEBIT / CREDIT /CARDS/ Taken (Delivery Service Available)


Length 12' 9" Width 4' 11" Height 0' 0"