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Triumph Roadster 2000 1949

Triumph Roadster 2000 1949     


This is a very smart example of the Triumph Roadster 2000, finished in the most pleasing colour of midnight blue with cream leather upholstery. We sold this car to the last owner some three years ago -and now welcome it back to the fold. It was in the 1980s that the car was restored and remained quite active at local shows and club events. Sadly the owner died and the family retained and stored the car away until around 2010. It was at this time and due to daughters graduation, that the decision was taken to have all the upholstery and carpets re-newed in the car for use at the big event and in memory of her late father
During the restoration the all important ash sills were replaced and still look very good today. Front steel wings are very straight with no signs of rust or decay, chassis all good including the jacking points, and in general very tidy and sound on the underside with a stainless steel exhaust fitted. Chrome on the car has stood up very well- with only minor pitting on close inspection on the front bumpers that's hardy worth mentioning. Nice array of badges and lamps on the front- and the early Jaguar mascot really sets the old girl off a treat

Mechanically the car all appears to be very good and driving well with nice sweet running engine and sitting on modern radial tyres give for better road handling. Slightly older dark blue mohair hood, but still very serviceable and comes with a matching hood cover in the same material. There is a small amount of play in the passenger door hinge pin, and some areas of the paint work could have been better if you look really close but the overall appearance is fine for what is a good useable example now 66 years old

The renewed interior was a real plus on this car, and a very useful conversion being the 1960s wood rim steering wheel that has been professionally grafted on the original Roadster wheel boss. This is a 14in wheel and does allow more leg clearance when getting in and out of the car and matches the woodern dashboard nicely. Having dealt with so many of these cars over the years we are happy to handle and judge each one on its merits and price band. If your looking for next weeks concours winner then this one not for you, but as good smart useable example to be enjoyed that's sensibly priced and ready to go I rather like it. DEBIT/ CREDIT/CARDS/TAKEN. (Delivery Service Available)

  £ Length 140' 3" Width 5' 4" Height 0' 0"

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Triumph Renown Razor Edge Saloon 1950

Triumph Renown Razor Edge Saloon 1950    


This lovely 2088cc Triumph Renown was first registered on the 1st November 1950. History folder informs us that it was supplied from the factory in Black and delivered new to Ushers Wiltshire Brewery LTD in Trowbridge, Triumph again changed hands in 1956 to a private individual in Chippenham where it remained until 1967. The car was in Staffordshire for a number of years before being sold to Limited Company in Liverpool, and during the late1970's was off the road with a mileage just a little over 50.000. The Triumph was not registered again with the DVLA until 1992

It was during the early 1990's that the car surfaced once again now showing just 57,000 Miles, and with re-commissioning work and very light restoration was returned to the road. Since then the present mileage is now just 68,000 and the car has been significantly improved with a total engine re-build around 2008. Work included new pistons and liners, new oil pump, new oil seals and all gaskets. The cylinder head, valves and seats, were refaced, and the crankshaft ground with all new bearings fitted. Around 5,000 miles have now been covered since the work was done, mostly attending shows both here in the UK and Ireland

More recent the car has been beautifully re-trimmed in tan leather, new correct cloth headlining, and lovely chocolate brown leather edged carpets complete the picture. The car drives superbly, and the overall mechanical condition is very reassuring with an excellent strong engine. This is not a restored car, but obviously one that has been loved by its owners who have added to it in the correct manner of running a car now 65 years old. Really good sound solid car with smart paintwork, gleaming chrome, and ready to be enjoyed. The Triumph comes with letters and correspondence, original buff logbook, photos, engine re-build invoices, old Mot test certificates and some owners club information and spares sheets. Stainless steel exhaust on this car, and she has just been fitted with 5 new radial tyres. Full set of tools in the boot lid which is nice to see, and the starting handle is located in the clips on the bulkhead. So there you have it lovely upmarket 50's saloon on the button and ready to go. DEBIT/CREDIT/CARDS/TAKEN. (Delivery Service Available)

  £ Length 14' 0" Width 5' 3" Height 0' 0"

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ARMSTRONG SIDDELEY HURRICANE 6cylinder  MANUAL 3 Position Drophead 1946

ARMSTRONG SIDDELEY HURRICANE 6cylinder MANUAL 3 Position Drophead     1946


Sir Macolm Campbell "Land speed record holder" Owned one and had its paint scheme especially commissioned in "Bluebird Blue". The car was later made famous by a model produced in the same blue adding to the real life provenance. This must be one of the best Armstrong Siddeley Hurricanes that you are ever likely to have the opportunity to purchase, with some 60,000 spent on this beauty in 2004, just imagine what it would cost to create the same car today. The Armstrong Siddeley factory surprised everyone on May 11th 1945 with the introduction of the Percy Riman designed Hurricane, named after the highly successful fighter plane as produced by the Hawker Siddeley factory that went on to achieved victory in the air. This was virtually a new car from front to back, the only prewar item being the superb engineered 2lt engine . Features of this engine were Hydraulic tappets and a downdraught stromberg carburettor, capable of propelling the car along at 80mph while running extremely smooth and very quite

With its distinctive crocodile slatted grill and three position coupe-de-ville hood, not forgetting proper wind up windows, these are most striking and very distinctive motor cars. The wide opening doors provide easy ample access for anyone, and the drivers seat will adjust and accommodate even the longest or shortest legs on the planet. The steering wheel is nicely placed so as not to impair your vision, four speed manual transmission on this example with absolutely stunning as new red leather upholstery, thick pile Wilton carpets, plus a period smiths car heater with dimister fitted. Fully highly polished walnut dash and a nice array of instruments all make for a very impressive and nice place to sit in

The car was first registered on 21/12/1946 to Mr S Ellis of Bucks, he kept the car until 1968. It then passed to the second owner Mr Chapman of Oxford until 1977- during which time the car was laid up for a period of five years. The third owner Mr Harmer finally embarked on what was to become a long and very lengthy total restoration on the car that would spam over a period of 18 years. Work was first entrusted to the highly respected A. P. Price associated with Lea -Francis Cars Ltd, for a chassis up- restoration, embracing chassis, engine, body, coachwork, hood, upholstery, wiring, instrumentation and carpets, finally being completed by Will Sparrow restoration specialist. Invoices and correspondence on file for inspection show that some 60,000 has been spent on this car to create this truly stunning example that we see here today

Mr Harmer owner of three Rolls - Royces in 2004 was invited by the RREC to participate in a motoring trip of a life time, to take one of his cars to Jordon on the invitation of Jordanian royal family. Having just been reunited with his newly restored 1946 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane and the need to run the car in, he chose to take this car. Amongst vintage Bentleys, and a multitude of historic cars, the most famous being Lord Montagu's Alpine Eagle. The car travelled some 1000miles in total and only suffered one broken fan belt in the desert that was quickly fixed, but it never missed a beat and performed with out fault. At an Armstrong Siddeley Owners club event post restoration the car was judged best Hurricane and second overall

Due to the owner moving overseas and other commitments the car has seen very little use since. It really is in superb showroom condition, people are always intrigued as to the make- absoulutely perfect for the likes of the Goodwoood Revival or any other period event. Comes complete with full history file and thick wedge of invoices of all the restoration work. Workshop manual, hood cover, built in jacks, and a full set of original tools in the boot. (Delivery Service Available) DEBIT/CREDIT/CARDS TAKEN.

  £ 29,995 Length 15' 9" Width 5' 6" Height 0' 0"

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Morris 10.4  1932   Light six saloon

Morris 10.4 1932 Light six saloon    


Affectionately know, as Beryl this 1932 Morris 10/4 is now 84 years old, she has clearly been loved and the subject of a full restoration carried out by the last owner a few years ago

Supplied new by H Robinsons of Evesham and still proudly displays the dealers plaque on the dash board. The navy blue upholstery has all been renewed along with a new correct beige cloth headlining, and fully working rear window blind to ensure full privacy when required. Polished wood door capings all round, and the driver has a good selection of instruments to ensure all is well when she's on the move. 12volt electrics aid easy starting, and Morris were one of the first manufactures to fit hydraulic brakes all the round on the 10/4 as early as 1931

. Good looking vintage car, and they performed well with 60mph claimed when new. This one has a rear luggage rack on the back- very useful when fitted with a period wicker basket or luggage case. The radiator mascot also acts as the temperature gauge with the glass dial in the middle for the driver to observe. The underside of the car is very clean with good chassis and well maintained steering and supension, plenty of grease nipples on all moving parts as they did in those days

I am informed that the engine has been re-built and the oil pressure is well up to support this, unleaded conversion. We have just fitted new battery and carried out an engine oil service. There is a good parts back up for this model and the Morris owners club is also worth joining for useful contacts and advise. 1940s events are quite popular these days and this car would be perfect for such an event or just a trip down to the pub. Comes with the drivers handbook, Information manual and parts book, and original registration number is still on the car. Debit/Credit/Cards/Taken (Delivery Service Available to your home)

  £ 8,995 Length 12' 3" Width 0' 0" Height 0' 0"

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MORRIS OXFORD 1622cc MkV1 1966 ( A GENUINE 32000 MILES FROM NEW)    


Incredibly strong, smooth and comfortable, the Morris Oxford was one of the best made cars ever to be mass produced in the UK. Production ran for over 20years by which time the car received some very useful changes, not least the more powerfull BMC BSeries1622cc engine, longer wheelbase and a new revised look

This particular car is the Morris Oxford Farina V1 launched in 1961 and is fitted with the more desirable 1.6L 1622cc engine, that found its way into the MGA of the same period. It was a good performer, and even today will motor along quite happily with the speed of other cars and return around 28/30mpg on unleaded fuel- in the hands of a careful driver

First registered in Cambridgeshire in 1966, and supplied by Audley Garage in Littleport Cambs. (Still has supplying dealers plaque on the dash board) and has covered an amazing 32000 miles from new, and only 2000 in the last 24years. The red leather interior is in outstanding condition with that lovely patina that can never be replicated in a restored car, and only comes with decades of careful use. The car shows no signs of ever having been welded, and the deep factory gloss black coachwork along with the beautiful chrome is a real testimony to just how well this car has been cared for. The history folder and corresponding paperwork support how the car was owned by two elderly none driving owners, who keep the car garaged just to be admired. Wax oiled as some stage in its life to continue a long term protection, also retains the original owners handbook and complete factory tools all in the correct clips situated in the very spacious luggage boot. Recently fitted with new radial tyres all round and drives beautifullly through the four speed column change, making full use of the bench front seat

The word 'Timewarp condition' is a much abused term in classic car circles, but this car fully justifies the term and must surely be one of the finest original examples you could ever wish to find. I don't think an opportunity like this will come up again for such a beautiful preserved original low mileage example- you definitely won't be disappointed. (Debit/Credit/Cards/Taken) (Delivery Service Covered Transport Available)

  £ Reserved Length 14' 6" Width 5' 4" Height 4' 11"

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TRIUMPH ROADSTER 2000  1949  Previous Show Winner

TRIUMPH ROADSTER 2000 1949 Previous Show Winner    


This lovely striking Triumph Roadster 2000 has been know to us for many years. It was owned by a very prominent member of the Northern roadster club from the mid 80s, he later had the car fully restored before being displayed for some years in a museum. During the 1990s and later the car has been exhibited at many club meets and shows- winning many prizes- featured on the front cover of classic car mags (copy availed) and the Roadster club review to name but a few

Finished in its correct livery of champagne gold with light tan leather upholstery really shows this beauty off to its best advantage. The car has been well cared for over the years, and the coach work is still in superb condition along the all the chrome and the nicely mellowed leather upholstery looks just right. Really good strong mechanics, just been completely serviced last month to include de-coke and valves reground now all running very sweetly

Previously supplied by us to the last owner who has continued to enjoy owning this fine motor car, along with the added bonus of picking up some prizes on the way. With the start of the classic season just starting to unfold, this would make the perfect car to enjoy the ever growing classic scene. Debit/Credit/Cards Taken (Delivery Service Available)

  £ Reserved Length 14' 6" Width 4' 6" Height 0' 0"

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BSA. A50  Royal Star 500 Twin 1970

BSA. A50 Royal Star 500 Twin 1970    


BSA had recognised the need for an updated version of the A10 that would succeed in the potentially lucrative USA and other parts of the world. They were in fact an over-engineered machines and proved very robust, becoming a best seller in the UK in the early 1960s

Being a unit construction machine it eliminated places where oil could leak from, and the engine proved relatively vibration free. This bike was produced in the last year of production, so has the later and improved roller bearing fitted on the timing side and the very desirable twin leading front brake

These really are lovely bikes to ride big plus point is that you don't need to be Charles atlas to kick it over "this one starts second kick" and has that georgous British motorcycle sound from the twin chrome exhaust pipes. The bike has come from a good home and really is in lovely condition, wheels have been re-built in the past using stainless steel spokes and the general finish of the whole bike is very smart indeed. I have just enjoyed my test ride today and from the looks that I received think everyone else did to. Debit/Credit/Cards/Taken (Delivery service available)

  £ Reserved

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Jaguar MK2  Big Bumper 3.8 Manual overdrive 1963

Jaguar MK2 Big Bumper 3.8 Manual overdrive 1963     


By the tender age of 14, I was driving my fathers Jaguar Mk2. Then in the late 1960's the very first car that I sold was a Mk2 3.4 taking a Triumph herald in part exchange - and here we are almost 50 years on and I am still enjoying that special magic that these old girls never fail to deliver

This Jaguar Mk2 was a great find for us a lovely all original unrestored highly cherished example. Sold new on the 13th May 1963 to Major Pidcock MBE, specified with reclining front seats, heated rear window, and Motorola push button radio. By 1996 and in the hands of just two more owners the total mileage was at just 34,000. Purchased and sold by the highly respected XK Engineering, the last owner has cherished this car for over 19 years taking the mileage up to just 60,000 with full supporting paperwork and a thick wad of old Mots

. In order to maintain the car in first class condition a good level of maintaince has been adhered to by Jaguar specialist over and above routine servicing. Work included cylinder head removal with new valves and seats fitted. New timing chains and tensioners, carburettors fully over-hauled with new parts and plating, overdrive removed and reconditioned, brakes, steering components, the list just goes on. More recent has seen considerable re-chroming to the bumpers and other exterior parts, detailing under the bonnet and in the boot area. New high quality carpets fitted along with correct cloth headlining and door fur flex replaced

The car has appeared on the BBC's "The. Car's The Star' with Sir Quentin Willson providing the commentary and driving the car. There is a BBC letter of thanks and signed by Willson with the comments '"One of the best original examples he has ever driven look after her" along with a DVD copy of the filming

Due to advancing years and other commitments the car has been used very little over the last few years. Always regularly Mo'Td and was fully serviced at the end of last year, we have just carried out another oil service including sundries, fitted new battery and had the wire wheels refurbished. Its getting extremely hard now to find such superb unmolested examples like this one. Little bit roguish but these old Mk11s never stop captivating us all, so why can't we build cars like this today. 'Come back William Lyons we need you'. Debit/Credit/Cards/ Taken . (Delivery Service Available)

  £ Reserved Length 15' 0" Width 5' 6" Height 0' 0"

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Vanden Plas 1300cc 1972

Vanden Plas 1300cc     1972


Vanden Plas 1300 Manual. These little cars really are the hight of luxury with wood and leather in abundance. This stunning example has been the subject of a very expensive restoration both here and in Germany on what was clearly a very sound car

Supplied new in the UK and showing just three private owners, restoration history folder, and owners maintenance and hand books. Car is presented is showroom condition and surely a worthy contender and any classic car show. Debit/Credit/Cards/taken (Deliver Service Available)

  £ Reserved Length 12' 6" Width 5' 2" Height 0' 0"

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