Selling Your Classic Car

TWO easy steps to sell your car efficiently, discreetly and for the best up to date market price.

Outright Purchase

Fill in your car details below and we will then make an on the spot cash offer subject to us viewing your car.

Safe and secure payment options are available, you choose how you want to be paid.

Selling with us

This is proving very popular amongst sellers and dare I say as yet we have never had to return a car to the owner (how many can claim that).

Fill in your car details below and tell us the price you require returning in your pocket for your car, if we think its fair we arrange to have your car collected by our fully insured covered transport.

On arrival at West End Classics we then fully detail and clean your car ready for sale (this is a free service) take as many photos as necessary and then proceed to advertise the car world wide through web sites and the classic media at no extra cost to you.


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We Collect! We Pay! & You Profit!

Most Frequently asked Questions

1, How long will it take to sell my car?
 Most cars are sold within 2 to 5 weeks.

2, Is my Car fully Insured?
 Whilst your car is in our possesion it is fully Insured on our specialist's motor trade policy.

3, Where will you keep my car?
Your vechicle will be displayed in our new High St Showroom.

4, Will I still get prospective buyers contacting me?
    All inquires come directly to me, in fact we handle everything from start to finish.

5, How long after the sale will you pay me?
    Prompt payment on cleared funds with no waiting.